No Cost Credit Card Processing*, Deferred Billing, Invoicing, Financing, Esign, And More!

NO COST MERCHANT PROCESSING. One Portal With Multiple Payment Options.
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Credit Card Processing

No more credit card processing fees. Sprucebooks provides a credit card virtual terminal that allows its merchants to process credit cards at no cost to the merchant.

Deferred Billing Options

Give your clients a new way to pay with the option to delay their bill with 6 months No payments, No interest through our preferred providers using Sprucebooks Connect.


Invoice your clients and let them pay online immediatley with multiple payment options. Sprucebooks is integrated with over 150+ processors plus financing.


Sprucebooks also allows you to send your client important documents to electronically sign at NO Extra Cost*. Invoice your clients and get them to sign documents in one place!

Benefits Of
Our Application

Take credit card payments, defer your clients bills, send invoices, track expenses, finance your clients purchases, set up recurring payments and more. You can do it all in one place!

Offer your customers delayed billing. With our provider you can Offer Your Customers 6 Months No Payments, No Interest Options just like the big boys and girls do.

Giving your customers alternative ways to pay you is a really big deal! We have partnered with providers that help you determine how and when you want your customers to pay.

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Processing Fees?
Gone With The Wind!

One thing in business is true for everyone. We all take payments and most transactions today are in the form of debit and credit cards. Sprucebooks offers a solution to get rid of the processing fees and lower your overhead. No Cost To You Credit Card Processing! We simply charge a small security and delivery fee to the consumer eliminating the processing fees for the business.

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Amazing Features

We've got a lot of amazing and cool features.

Deferred Billing Options

Defer you clients Paymets. 6 month No Payments No Interest after which time the client can make payments.

Credit Card Processing

No More Credit Card Fees! Save thousands of dollars on credit card fees by using Sprucebooks Pyament Processing Gateway.

Send Messages

Use Sprucebooks messaging service to send clients instant messages your Client's Dashboard Portal.

Recurring Payments

Setup recurring invoices for clients that pay you on a weekly or monthly basis for services or products that you sell.

Expense Tracking

Sprucebooks offers an easy way to track all of your business expenses. Enter expenses and attach receipts to keep a log.

E-Signature Tools

Use our partner E-signature software for your business. It's included at no additional cost.*  Ask us how!

Why Use Sprucebooks?

Sprucebooks is a unique application that we consider to be more of tool than an accounting software. We give our users the ability to increase revenues by offering unique payment processing options so that clients can increase their buying power.

Grow With Us

Join a growing group of entreprenuers and companies that are finding the unique power of Sprucebooks. We know you want your business to grow and we want you to Grow With Us.


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Pricing plans

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  • Instant Access

  • 1 GB Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • 500 Invoices
  • 500 Clients
  • 500 Messages
  • Deferred Billing*
  • Esignature Software*
  • Flat Rate Credit Card Processing*
  • Customer Service
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  • Instant Access

  • 1 GB Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • 10000 Invoices
  • 2000 Clients
  • 10000 Messages
  • Deferred Billing*
  • Esignature Software*
  • Flat Rate Credit Card Processing*
  • Customer Service
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  • Instant Access

  • 1 GB Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • 100000 Invoices
  • 100000 Clients
  • 100000 Messages
  • Deferred Billing*
  • Esignature Software*
  • Flat Rate Credit Card Processing*
  • Customer Service
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Integrations Now Available!

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We are constantly working on new payment processing products and integrations. Here are a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Can I integrate my software with Sprucebooks?

Ans:Yes. Currently you can integrate your software with Sprucebooks Payments via our simple API.

Question:Who Qualifys For Deferred Payments?

Ans: Qualification depends on the provider of the program. We are actively working on offering more options and providers.

Question: No Cost Credit Card Processing. Really?

Ans: Yes. Really, Really! We charge a simple processing fee to the consumer and not you.

Question: Can I Use My Current Processor

Ans: Typically the answer is YES. We are connected to 150+ processors. Call us to see if yours is one.

Question: Can My Clients Pay Online?

Ans: Yes! Absolutely! You can send invoices to your clients and they pay with the click of a button on their desktop or mobile device.

Question: Are you Integrated with my CRM or AMS system?

Ans: This is a great question. We are actively partnering with different AMS systems. If yours is not call your AMS provider.

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